About us

PowerField goes for smart and innovative energy solutions. We develop, build and manage solar parks, charging stations and storage systems. We are constantly working on innovation within the renewable energy sector. We do this efficiently, sustainably, locally and socially responsible.

Powered in Netherlands

The Dutch PowerField develops and realizes sustainable energy. We have two office locations; in Groningen and in Wormer. Our goal is to build the largest Virtual Power Plant in Europe in the coming years.


A clean, sustainable and habitable world. For you, and generations to come.


By continuously innovating and expanding in the energy transition, PowerField develops, realizes and manages energy systems that contribute to a sustainable and habitable world.

Core values

  • Innovative development with technology
  • Sustainable and corporate social responsibility
  • Working efficiently
  • Locally involved with participation from the environment


With a specialized and small team, we work every day to contribute to achieving our mission and vision. For you, and generations to come.

PowerField Kantoor Wormen
Kantoor Wormer PowerField


We look to the future and find new ways to accelerate the energy transition. The realization of solar parks, the installation of charging stations under the name PowerGo, and the development of storage systems stem from this idea.

Zonnepark Vlagtwedde - PowerField

Solar parks

We develop solar parks to accelerate the transition to a clean and sustainable energy supply.

For the realization of solar parks, not only sustainability, but also support and involvement play an important role. That is why each project is prepared carefully and in close consultation with local residents, involved landowners, and government agencies. We like to think along in terms of possibilities for the local community to benefit from and participate in our solar projects.



By combining the realization and operation of fast chargers with solar energy, we are determined to create a more energy-conscious and sustainable world.



All sustainable developments result in a sharp increase in the demand for electricity. However, the electricity grid in the Netherlands is also becoming increasingly congested. This calls for a smart and innovative approach.

Since 2020, PowerField has been working on finding suitable locations for installing storage systems to store the sustainably generated energy. PowerStorage ensures that the Dutch energy grid is not overloaded at peak times and that demand can still be met during off-peak times.

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