14 November 2018

Green light for solar park Midden-Groningen

The environmental permit for the solar park Midden-Groningen was approved by the Council of State on 14 November 2019. With this ruling, the environmental permit has become irrevocable and construction can begin in early 2019.

The decision of the Council of State concludes: ‘With the additional motivation of July 17, 2018, the Municipal Executive has complied with the order included in the interim decision to rectify the defect in the decision of September 20, 2017.’

This provides that the legal consequences of that decision will remain in full force and that the environmental permit has become irrevocable.

Solar park Midden-Groningen will be one of the largest solar parks in the Netherlands. With more than 320,000 solar panels on 117 hectares, with a combined capacity of 103 megawatt peak (MWp), more than 32,000 households can be provided with electricity annually.