Solar park Ter Apelkanaal – AVEBE

In Ter Apelkanaal, one of Avebe’s three Dutch production sites, a solar farm of 10 hectares has been realised. Thanks to this solar park, Avebe is making a considerable part of the energy that is needed in Ter Apelkanaal to produce potato starch and protein greener.

Avebe is looking for ways to save energy consumption and at the same time wants to make the energy it uses greener. That is quite a challenge, since a lot of energy is needed to produce potato starch and protein. With the development of the solar park in Ter Apelkanaal, PowerField is contributing to Avebe’s green ambitions. It is already the third project in which PowerField and Avebe have joined forces.

10 hectare
Opgesteld vermogen
15 MWp
Jaarlijkse opbrengst
14.250 MWh
Aantal huishoudens
Design and
Zonnepark Wolvega - PowerField

Capacity: 5 MWP
Status: Commissioning

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Zonnepark Wanneperveen - PowerField

Capacity: 28 MWP
Status: Commissioning

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Zonnepark Vlagtwedde II

Capacity: 101 MWP
Status: Permit

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