Solar park Wanneperveen

Solar Park Wanneperveen is located in the south of Wanneperveen. The solar park generates an amount of energy equivalent to the consumption of about 8,000 average Dutch households.

Solution for grid capacity in the area 

The solar park will be complemented by a 52-megawatt-hour (MWh) battery, which stores solar energy. In addition, PowerField has flexible access to transmission capacity from the electricity grid at times when the capacity is available. As a result, the existing connection can be reduced when necessary, making more tranmission capacity available. 

47 hectare
Installed capacity
28 MWp
Annual yield
26.600 MWh
Number of households
Design and
Zonnepark Wolvega - PowerField

Capacity: 5 MWP
Status: Commissioning

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Zonnepark Vlagtwedde II

Capacity: 101 MWP
Status: Permit

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Zonnepark Vlagtwedde

Capacity: 103 MWP
Status: Commissioning

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