All sustainable developments result in a sharp increase in the demand for electricity. However, the electricity grid in the Netherlands is also becoming increasingly congested. This calls for a smart and innovative approach.

Energy storage

Ivo van Dam, CTO of PowerField: ‘If you look at when solar energy is generated, there is often a peak between 12:00 and 1:00 pm. In the past, there were coal-fired power stations, where the energy was generated stably. Now we depend on the sun. When there is suddenly a peak of energy, it is necessary to store this energy, so that the electricity grid is not overloaded. Since 2020, PowerField has been selecting suitable locations for installing storage systems to store this generated energy.’

We want to ensure that the generation and energy storage of solar energy works as well as possible with the consumption of this solar energy. This is done by means of fast-charging stations. Ultimately, we have to come up with something so that we can align these three aspects as well as possible. We call this a Virtual Power Plant. A Virtual Power Plant can stabilize the energy and reduce the pressure on the electricity grid. As a result, sustainable energy is used more efficiently, which also means that the use of fossil power stations can be reduced. We coordinate energy consumption and storage and then optimize it for the network. That’s our goal. In this way, we ensure that the Dutch energy network does not become overloaded at peak times and that the demand can still be met at off-peak times.

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