27 December 2022

PowerField’s 2022

We proudly look back at last year. It was a year full of highlights. For instance, several solar parks were realised and some great collaborations have been emerged. We look forward to an innovative 2023, but first want to take you back at 2022.

Special moments

Realisation of solar park Nieuwendijk

Construction for solar park Nieuwendijk (the Netherlands) began in early February. Sustainability, participation and involvement played an important role during the realisation of the solar park. Since March 2022, the solar park will provide around 350 Dutch households with green energy.

VV Buinerveen can generate its own sustainable energy

Solar panels were installed on the roof of a Dutch soccer club in early 2022. PowerField was keen to support the village, where solar park Buinerveen has been realised, in its desire to become more sustainable. The soccer club also had this wish, and by installing the solar panels, the soccer club can now generate its own sustainable energy.

First of its kind: PowerField and Enexis work together to make better use of electricity grid capacity

Enexis Netbeheer and PowerField entered into a new kind of agreement in spring 2022: PowerField has flexible access to transmission capacity of the electricity grid at times when that capacity is available. This allows PowerField to expand its existing solar park in Emmen and reduce its existing fixed connection in Meppel at times. This allows sustainable initiatives to go ahead where no transmission capacity would have been available in the previous situation. This is a first in the Netherlands.

Official opening of solar park Oppenhuizen

In May, PowerField’s Oppenhuizen solar park was officially opened by the alderman. He charged his car with the first solar-kilowatt hours at PowerGo’s charging stations. There are two charging stations realised at the solar park. The park in Oppenhuizen provides around 1,100 households with renewable energy and offers the possibility of convenient and sustainable charging of electric cars.

Opening of solar park Leek

Alderman Hielke Westra of the Municipality of Westerkwartier opened solar park Leek in a special way in the summer of 2022: he released the sheep that naturally maintain the grass at the solar park. The solar park, developed by PowerField, will provide around 9,000 households with renewable energy.

First solar panel laid for solar parks Pesse and Fluitenberg

Construction of solar parks Pesse and Fluitenberg started in 2022. Together with the landowners, PowerField symbolically laid the first solar panel. Solar park Pesse will supply around 10,000 average Dutch households with sustainable energy. For solar park Fluitenberg, this will be about 11,000 average Dutch households.

PowerField acquires solar farm from GroenLeven

In 2017, PowerField started developing a solar farm in Hollandscheveld. During the development phase, it emerged that solar park developer GroenLeven also had an initiative for a solar farm, adjacent to the area where PowerField was developing. PowerField took over GroenLeven’s solar farm and is realising both projects into one solar park.

PowerField chooses Sunova Solar as supplier for solar panels

Sunova Solar and PowerField announced in November that an agreement was signed with PowerField for the supply of solar panels. The advanced 122-megawatt (MW) solar panels will be used for the solar parks that PowerField is currently developing.

Wethouder Hielke Westra Zonnepark Leek

The opening of solar park Leek

Zonnepark Pesse PowerField

The first solar panel of solar park Pesse

PowerGo’s fast charging stations at solar park Oppenhuizen


We achieved great milestones with subsidiary PowerGo in 2022. For instance, we entered into a partnership with the international charging platform Spirii to enable rapid expansion of the charging network throughout Europe.

PowerGo also entered into collaborations with Jumbo and La Place, Basic-Fit and Crisp, among others. Furthermore, PowerGo has found an innovative charging solution in the congested energy grid in the Netherlands. A battery will be installed that can store sustainably generated energy. Thissolution is a first in the Netherlands.

In addition, PowerGo has won tenders, including several in Denmark. Charging points are being realised in the municipalities of Vejle, Vejen, Gladsaxe and Ikast-Brande. These are PowerGo’s first projects in Denmark. PowerGo is also working hard in Germany and Belgium and the first (fast) chargers have been installed.

In addition to the above, PowerGo has experienced a lot more! Want to read more about PowerGo’s year? Read the annual review here: PowerGo’s 2022.

New employees

PowerField and subsidiary PowerGo have made great strides in the development of renewable energy in the past year. For this reason, we were able to expand our team and welcomed the following employees:

  • Heino Buikema: Asset Manager PowerField  
  • Monique Nuis-van der Hoeven: HR Manager PowerField and PowerGo 
  • Loïs Meussen: Marketing and Communications PowerField and PowerGo 
  • Jur Broertjes: Sales Manager PowerGo 
  • Bram Vredevoort: Project Manager PowerGo 
  • Sebastiaan de Jong: Asset Manager PowerGo 
  • Niels Hoving: Project Manager PowerGo
  • Gijs Poorthuis: Sales Manager PowerGo 
  • Òscar Cardoner i Campi: Sales Manager PowerGo Spain
  • Carlos Diaz González: Sales Manger PowerGo Spain
  • Mercedes Herreros Gómez: Administrations PowerGo Spain


Next year, PowerField will realise at least 122 MW worth of solar parks, taking big steps in the Dutch energy transition. In doing so, we hope to roll out new and innovative ideas, as we did last year, and enter into valuable partnerships to accelerate and support this energy transition.

With subsidiary PowerGo, we carry the ambition to roll out a large fast-charging network throughout Europe. PowerGo is working hard and has many new and valuable projects in the pipeline.

We look forward to a beautiful and innovative 2023, and wish everyone a happy new year!