14 February 2023

PowerField signs contract with Goldbeck Solar for the realization of 108 MWp of solar parks

PowerField has entered into a partnership with GOLDBECK SOLAR for the construction of seven of PowerField’s solar parks. Together, the solar parks have a capacity of approximately 108 MWp. 

Short construction time make projects challenging 

“The solar parks are located at various locations throughout the Netherlands. Together they can supply almost 30,000 average Dutch households with green energy,” says Ivo van Dam, Chief Technology Officer of PowerField. “The projects are currently being prepared for realization and should go live this year.” 

“The short construction time for the solar parks is the biggest challenge for GOLDBECK SOLAR,” says the responsible sales engineer, Danijel Zgaljic. ”The aim is to complete all projects between May and November.” Ivo van Dam: “We know GOLDBECK SOLAR as an experienced and reliable partner. Therefore, we are confident that the projects will be completed on time.” 

Energy storage in batteries 

One of the projects is solar park Wanneperveen. Due to the limited grid capacity in the area, a battery is added to this project. Excess energy produced by the solar park is stored in a battery, reducing the capacity problems that occur within the Dutch electricity grid. 

PowerField wants to ensure that the energy produced is used as efficiently as possible. This is why the other projects also have the possibility of equipping them with a battery in the future. Next to that, a part of the generated energy is used for the charging solutions for electric vehicles from PowerGo, the subsidiary of PowerField. 

Green electricity for almost 30,000 Dutch households 

After completion, the seven solar parks will have a capacity of more than 108 MWp. Solar park Doorsneeweg has a capacity of almost 2 MWp. Solar parks Hollandscheveld I and II together have a capacity of over 52 MWp. The other projects are Wolvega (5 MWp), Wanneperveen (33 MWp) and Heino I and II (together 16 MWp). This is equivalent to the consumption of almost 30,000 average Dutch households. 

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