20 October 2022

PowerField takes over solar park from GroenLeven

In 2017, PowerField started developing a solar park in Hollandscheveld in the province of Drenthe (the Netherlands). During the development phase, it emerged that GroenLeven also had an initiative for a solar park adjacent to this area; Johannes Poststraat solar park in Nieuwlande. PowerField recently took over this solar park from GroenLeven.

The municipality of Hoogeveen has ambitions in the field of sustainability and, among other things, contributes to the energy transition by realizing solar parks. Project developers PowerField and GroenLeven took the initiative to further develop the possibilities for the development of sustainable energy. During the development phase, discussions were held with the Het Drentse Landschap Foundation and the Vechtstromen Water Board. The developers have also organized an information meeting together. Following this, the design of the two solar parks has been coordinated.

Space for nature

Solar panels will not be installed in the entire plan area. There is room for maintenance paths and spaces between the panels. In addition, the solar parks are provided with a thorough landscape integration. For example, a plan for a badger field has been worked out together with Stichting Het Drentse Landschap. An existing waterway will also be provided with a nature-friendly bank in consultation with the Vechtstromen Water Board. The landscape integration was devised together with local residents. This consists of low green belts that camouflage the view of the solar panels and leave the panoramic view intact as much as possible.

Accelerating the energy transition together

Wiebren Santema, Head of Development at GroenLeven: ”It is great to see that two developers can make plans together and thus accelerate the energy transition.” Jean-Louis Bertholet, CEO of PowerField: ”We are delighted with the acquisition of the Johannes Poststraat solar park and look back very positively on the collaboration with GroenLeven, local residents and other stakeholders. Sustainability is an important theme for the municipality of Hoogeveen, and together we will complete at a project that contributes to this sustainable ambition of the municipality.”

Both solar parks now have an irrevocable permit and will be realized simultaneously. Construction is expected to start in the first quarter of 2023. After construction, PowerField will manage the solar parks. The agreements that GroenLeven has made with regard to participation will be taken over by PowerField. Together, the solar parks will provide green energy for more than 15,000 average Dutch households.