12 March 2022

Realization of solar park Nieuwendijk

At the Bredesteeg in Nieuwendijk (North Brabant), the construction of solar park Nieuwendijk commenced in early February. It is located between the A27 highway and a business park.

With the realization of the solar park, not only sustainability, but also participation and involvement played an important role. The size of the solar park has been deliberately designed based on the input from local residents. For example, the original size was larger, but the solar park was eventually reduced in size so that it is no longer visible from the homes on the Rijksweg. In addition, it was requested to place the solar panels in a low position, so that the view of the adjacent commercial properties is maintained. PowerField was happy to oblige and for this reason, an east-west arrangement was chosen. The maximum height of the solar panels is therefore 1.5 meters.

Installation of the solar panels

Explosives investigation
Before the construction of the solar park, Heijmans Explosieven Opsporing set out to work to search for explosives in the area. The site was suspected of containing small caliber, ammunition and artillery ammunition from World War II. Several grenades and remnants thereof have been found in the area. After the explosives investigation was completed, the construction of solar park Nieuwendijk could be started safely.

Realization of solar park Nieuwendijk
Around the end of February, the storm caused construction to come to a halt for a few days. But thanks to the beautiful weather of the past few days, the backlog has been made up. The installation of the solar panels is expected to be completed on March 18 and the solar park will be connected to the electricity grid the following week.

The amount of sustainably generated energy at the solar park Nieuwendijk is roughly equivalent to the consumption of 350 Dutch households. In addition, the energy generated from PowerField’s solar parks is also used, among other things, to provide charging stations for electric cars with sustainable power via our subsidiary PowerGo. PowerGo is thus making an important contribution to the expansion of the (fast) charging network in the Netherlands. In this way, PowerField and PowerGo ensure that the demand (charging stations for electric cars) and supply (solar parks) of sustainable energy are brought together.