21 December 2021

Solar parks in Leek, Kampen and Markelo put into operation

The solar parks developed by PowerField in Leek, Kampen and Markelo have been realized. The three projects have a total capacity of 54 MWp and provide more than 15,000 households in the respective regions with sustainable energy. The permits for the solar parks were arranged by PowerField, after which Chint Solar took on the further development and realization. The three solar parks were put into operation in the autumn of 2021. The solar farms are connected to the electricity grid of grid operator Enexis.

Solar park Leek
Solar park Leek is located north of the A7 highway, near Leek and Tolbert. It was realized on land that had been reserved by the municipality for the expansion of the Leeksterveld business park. Nearly 53,000 solar panels have been installed on the approximately 22 hectares of land. The 28.6 MWp solar park provides approximately 9,000 households with green energy. In the landscaping, lines of sight and the existing landscape elements were taken into account.

Solar park Kampen
The solar park in Kampen is located in the Koekoekspolder near IJsselmuiden. The area consisted of a former greenhouse area and is distributed across two plots. The 11.8-hectare solar park has a capacity of 19.4 MWp and thus provides approximately 5,900 households in the region with sustainable energy.

Solar park Markelo
The solar park in Markelo has been realized on the site of a former asylum seekers center in the hamlet of Herike-Elsen in the municipality of Hof van Twente. The site has not been in use since 2012. The area of the solar park stretches almost five hectares. That yields 6.5 MWp and provides approximately 2,000 households with green electricity.

In October, students of the primary school ODS Elserike received a tour of the Markelo solar park. During a sustainability morning organized by PowerField and Chint Solar, the students learned more about solar energy and the operation of the solar park. Nature and biodiversity were also topics of discussion. The solar park offers plenty of opportunities for nature. Nesting baskets have been placed especially for birds of prey in order to provide them with a breeding ground. The plants that have been planted will form a resting area for various flora and fauna in the years to come. And thanks to the raised fencing, small game can pass without a problem.

Significant contribution to climate goals
These solar parks make a significant contribution to the sustainability goals of the municipality of Westerkwartier, Kampen and Hof van Twente. Together, the three projects have a capacity of 54 MWp and will provide more than 15,000 households in the regions with sustainable energy, signifying another great step in the energy transition of the Netherlands.